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The cigarette is lighted, the mind is strong, the DD has moved, Vipshop knows

Core technologies

The DD brand was established in March 2019 and is a subsidiary of HK HONGYE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. The company currently launches a variety of refillable electronic cigarette sticks, multi-flavor refillable cartridges and other products. The company’s business philosophy is to provide global Smokers provide a cool, happy, fashionable and colorful lifestyle.

The company focuses on the research and development, production and sales of electronic atomization technology, electronic atomization liquid and electronic atomization equipment. It has cutting-edge electronic atomization technology and has been praised by customers at home and abroad since its product launch in May 2019.


When working hard

If you want to go one step further, use a refreshing mint flavor mixed with caffeine "POWER"

Before going to bed

When you want to calm down, it is recommended to contain a coconut flavor "Calm"


New product, new experience

Product Details

It uses a mesh ceramic atomization core, which is the world's leading atomization technology. The low power of 7.5W can bring fine smoke and soft taste, and the high power of 10W can bring more smoke, more fragrant and fuller taste. Compared with the products on the market, the net-shaped ceramic atomizing core has a larger heating area, more fully atomized e-liquid, stronger explosive power, faster smoke, and a larger amount of smoke, which can give you a stronger, more delicate, and more cottony fragrance. Soft taste. As DD's common vision technology supplier, Hengrui is a global leader in the field of electronic atomization. It has focused on the development of ceramic atomization core technology for nearly 10 years and has two production bases in Shenzhen and Loudi.