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The DD brand was established in March 2019 and belongs to HK HONGYE TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT LIMITED. At present, a variety of bomb-changing electronic atomizing rods and multi-flavored bomb-changing atomizing bomb products are launched. The DD vision concept is to provide smokers with a sharing, happy, fashionable and colorful way of leisure through continuous innovation of technology in the future.

Product introduction

  • Product introduction
    We focus on the research and development, production and sales of electronic atomization rods, unique electronic ceramic atomization products and various fashionable flavors of atomized liquid oil. With a senior product professional R&D team, we can cater to the constant needs of the market, and we will never stop improving our products.
  • Technical Strength
    The flashing light effect and the electronic atomizing rod that can switch between large and small powers are matched with a layered aroma experience and cool light effects. The free switch light effect leads to coolness and fashion; the ceramic atomization core, precise atomization and balanced heating, can taste fine and soft smoke, and can stimulate the throat with a strong and powerful sip. Consumers can experience DD's intentions from striving for perfection in every detail.
  • Safe Production
    We have multiple strict quality inspection systems. The e-liquid we use has passed FDA certification, RoHS Test, and a number of industry standard reports. It tastes good, does not produce side effects and physical discomfort, and is dust-free and hygienic exclusive production to ensure every All products bring the highest quality experience to ensure health and safety.

Rich Taste

Our 'flavors' are planned globally by Think Global Act Local, creating different flavors according to the hobbies and habits of different countries. At the same time, the world's top flavor raw materials are used to create user taste needs. Since the product was launched in May 2019, it has been well received by customers at home and abroad.

DD main tide cool, pursuing the ultimate price performance ratio, willing to try to pay attention to the young consumption of personal demand, it will be able to solve the market consumption pain. We are destined to have an extraordinary, dare to innov