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DD has been activated, only Vipshop knows

High end quality has always been our pursuit, and bringing the highest quality products to users has always been our vision.

DD Has Moved, Vipshop Knows

We focus on the research and development, production and sales of electronic atomization rods, unique electronic ceramic atomization products and various fashionable flavors of atomized liquid oil. With a senior product professional R&D team, we can cater to the constant needs of the market, and we will never stop improving our products.

Product Supply Chain

As the core technology supplier of DD, Heng Rui is a leading enterprise in the global electron atomization. The world leading atomization technology.

Focus on exclusive 12 generation UIRA nanotechnology to create forward-looking technology

Ceramic atomized ceramic core
Exclusive 12th generation Ultra nanotechnology
Precision atomization balanced heating
Electroceramics atomizer
The taste is delicate, smoky, and soft
Building forward-looking technology

Select the top "CH Swiss crude oil" natural seasoning, casting the horses

DD is not only in hardware, but also uses top-level "CH Swiss crude oil" natural seasoning. Pure plant extract of raw materials, combined with modern plant function, add high-quality plant extract; healthier, more refreshing, and better.
We have multiple strict quality inspection systems. The e-liquid we use has passed FDA certification, RoHS Test, and a number of industry standard reports. It tastes good, does not produce side effects and physical discomfort, and is dust-free and hygienic exclusive production to ensure every All products bring the highest quality experience to ensure health and safety.

DD electronic ceramic atomizer through strict detection process